Arbor Industries, Inc. (Arbor) has cutting edge technology that allows it to run at greater efficiency. One of the many automated items Arbor is home to is a PRS automated pallet repair line. This piece of machinery allows employees to inspect, repair, and grade used wooden pallets without having to lift them. There are many benefits to having the latest advancements in pallet manufacturing machinery. Some of these benefits include: 1) more productivity that allows Arbor to serve customers more promptly, and 2) better safety for employees.

1) Benefits for Customers

The PRS System benefits the customers of Arbor Industries, Inc. in many ways. This is because it helps to increase efficiency in the facility and aids in the coordination of on-time deliveries. Through the use of the RFID Scanner on the PRS System, management at Arbor Industries is able to track production on a minute to minute basis. As a result, the managers are able to coordinate deliveries more effectively and efficiently.

2) Better Safety for Employeeswooden pallets in the automatic pallet stacker

With this piece of machinery in its facility, Arbor Industries, Inc. is creating a safer work environment for their employees. Through the use of conveyors and transfer stations, the employees no longer lift any of the pallets during the manufacturing process. In addition, the PRS System incorporates an RFID Scanner which assigns the pallet to an automatic pallet stacker. This eliminates the hand stacking done by employees. Therefore, it greatly reduces the risk of injury while increasing productivity.

If you are looking for new or used pallets, contact Arbor Industries, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska today. With exceptional customer service, we are able to serve all of your pallet needs.